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Solar QLD LogoSolar QLD is about delivering the best solar deals, direct to you. We do home solar power systems and commercial solar power systems anywhere in Australia! Solar QLD have affordable solar solutions for any customer. We have experienced installers who deliver top quality systems at low prices. Our head office is on the Gold Coast and we service customers Australia wide (prices may vary depending on location). Check out this guide to Australian Feed In Tariffs before you buy!

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6kW System Jinko Panels & 5kW SMA Inverter - Just $5,900 Enquire Now!

  • 25 Year Panel Warranty!
  • 5 Year Inverter Warranty!
  • 10 Year Workmanship Warranty!

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Conditions apply. Limited to metropolitan areas of South-East QLD only.
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Recent Solar QLD Testimonials

Installed April, 2015 (6kW Trina/SMA)

solar QLD 6kW testimonialThe boys have just finished the installation and they did a terrific job. Very neat and professional in their work and finish. They fully explained the system to me and it was a pleasure to watch the meter go backwards for a short time. I also appreciated the extra advice to install the hot water switch/timer and that was an added bonus. Thank you for your time and assistance and it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Warren C. - Algester, QLD

Installed April, 2015 (5kW Jinko/SMA)

solar QLD NSW 5kW Jinko SMAI was very impressed with the speed and job quality done by the installers. Everything was smooth and easy from start to finish and I'll definitely recommend solar QLD to my neighbours to get solar (even though we're in Northern NSW). Thanks for all the help! I had some reservations about solar at first because you hear stories about all sorts - but these guys are definitely top quality and do great work!
John K. - Ocean Shores, NSW

Installed March, 2015 (6kW Jinko/SMA )

6kW SMA Jinko Solar QLDMate f***** great and I am a sparky and have built and installed stand alone systems in gig gin and Childers the guys were excellent I will be recommending your company to everyone I know. Have a good one. cheers
Wayne - Caloundra, QLD

Installed March, 2015 (5kW Jinko/SMA )

solar QLD testimonialThe installation was very smooth and professionally co-ordinated. The team certainly knew how to get the job done. We were very pleasantly surprised at the speed of the installation and the high quality of the job. Our meter is now zooming backwards! Thank you!
Robyn C. - Aspley, QLD

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Solar QLD Panels

QLD Solar Panels - TopSola

TopSola solar panels are one of the best affordable options on the market. They are perfect for Aussie conditions with a top efficiency and a great temperature co-efficient. Couple this with industry-leading warranties and affordability... You've got a winning panel. Read more about TopSola panels

Visit the official TopSola Australia Site Here

QLD Solar Panels - Jinko

Jinko solar panels are one of the top panels available in Australia. Solar QLD customers who chose Jinko are very happy. They are a Chinese made panel with great quality and performance. Solar QLD have been using Jinko for more than 12 months and have been extremely impressed with the performance and build-quality of this panel. As you'd expect, the Jinko solar panels come with excellent warranties. Who are Jinko and what do they stand for? Jinko are a Chinese solar panel manufacturer and they are one of the big players. Their vision statement is:
Change the way we generate and use electricity, optimize energy portfolio, take responsibility to secure a sustainable future by delivering the cleanest, most efficient and economic solar energy solutions.
Their mission statement is:
Provide one-stop solution of clean energy and become industry leader.
Here is the Jinko solar panels datasheet Jinko are a top panel in Australia and are among the very best.

QLD Solar Panels - TRINA

Trina solar panels are a top, tier 1 panel. TRINA have a long history of use in large projects around the world. Trina panels were used on the large rooftop system at UQ (St Lucia).

Visit the official TRINA Australia page here


SMA inverters

SMA inverters are the best of the best. They are truly the cream of the crop. No inverter does a better job than an SMA inverter. These German-made beauties will last the distance. SMA is thought of as the inverter which is least likely to fail and easiest to use.

Visit the official SMA Australia website

JFY Inverters

JFY are a Chinese inverter manufacturer. They are one of the best in their class. They are affordable and have a very low failure rate, especially when compared to most other Chinese inverters. JFY inverters also have awesome monitoring abilities so you know your system is performing at its full potential.