5kW solar system prices Gold Coast

5kW solar system prices… Easy to get a 5kW (or 5kVA) system for cheap on the Goldy.

The problem is that most of the gear sold is utter crap! Still today after years of industry con artists and scammers, people are getting away with selling rubbish 5kW systems.


Some reasons cheap 5kW solar systems on the Gold Coast can be dodgy:

  • Poor quality parts – this is a big one. No mercedes owner would want daihatsu parts put into their vehicle! But solar is worse than cars. You’re money is tied up here. If your 5kW solar system isn’t perorming then it’s costing you savings! Not only that but poor quality solar panels and the like have cause fires!
  • Incorrect installations – Wow, ok you’d think with regulations etc. Installers would know how to install solar panels. How hard could it be? You’d be surprised how many dodgy 5kW solar systems are incorrectly installed on the Gold Coast. The owner got a cheap 5kW solar system, and the wind loading means the roof got torn off. Leaky roof from solar panels, inverter not working… Or maybe the inverter won’t work properly. All sorts of things go wrong with a dodgy install.
  • Dodgy installer goes bust – we’ve all heard this one. Neighbour gets system installed. Neighbour has a problem with system. Neighbour can’t reach the installer because they were on the news the night before for bankruptcy. Too bad, if you bought “bargain” panels and a Chinese inverter that’s “just the same” as the european ones. Now you’ve got no warranty!

The list goes on my friends. Too many cases to mention them all. Gold Coast solar systems can be dodgy.

5kw solar system wiring
Poorly wired solar systems can cause major problems for your house if it doesn’t like fire.

5kW solar system prices is all I want

Well think about it! An extra couple of hundred could get you an extra 1kW! Not only that but since MOST of the time your solar system is UNDER performing (peak is only 1 hour per day). Overloading your inverter actually gives a significant boost to your production AND SAVINGS. So think about your system size before diving in with what your neighbour got. Or diving in with what the call center operator told you. It’s too easy to get ripped off on the Gold Coast with an under-sized, over-priced (or under-priced) solar system built for suckers. 

Cheap prices with cheap installation
A solar system installation can take the whole roof off. That’s why there are wind loading guidelines!

Brands VS Prices

Cheap price = cheap product

Expensive price = not always good quality!

Here is a list of tried and tested solar panels:

  • LG

Good stuff. 

Cheaper solar panels (but still ok):

  • CSUN
  • OTHER tier 1 solar panels

Stay away from any Chinese-named panels!!! Or companies trying to sell systems where you don’t even know what you get!!

Dodgy solar installation gold coast
Don’t end up with a solar installation like this one. Get a professionally installed system.

Get a German inverter – stick with SMA.

Or, if you want a better price because you’re a penny-pincher, get a ZEVERSOLAR inverter (owned by SMA).

This will keep you out of the “CHEAP 5kW SYSTEM” trap. Get 5kW solar system prices that make sense!! We only sell products which perform well. We only sell systems at a reasonable price. This is the way people should do business. So call for a quote NOW or enter your details.

Solar system on fire
You get what you pay for when it comes to solar systems (not always) but don’t take the risk of ending up like this poor sod.

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