Brisbane Solar – Is A Carbon Tax Necessary?

While residential uptake of Brisbane solar has been great, the state as a cheap nfl jerseys whole, may not be able to reach the Renewable Energy Target (RET) without a carbon tax, wholesale mlb jerseys according to Energy Minister Mark Bailey.

The RET currently requires 50% of QLD energy needs be met by renewables by 2030. But it looks like even a rapid uptake of solar power can’t see this target met. Investment in large-scale solar and wind farms is required to Choosing get us there.

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While installing Brisbane solar panels is popular, it’s simply not enough.

An article in the Brisbane Times today goes over the details on why a carbon tax may be required as part of a strategy to wholesale jerseys meet the RET.

Solar QLD are continuously doing our part to try to make solar panels more common. Commercial solar is starting to takeover. We’re talking with more and more business owners every day about how solar panels are a perfect match for businesses who use most of their power during the day.

Brisbane Solar Batteries

Batteries Get are the next piece of the puzzle and will make solar even more attractive for millions across Queensland. A Brisbane solar batteries company Redback have recently unveiled their plans to take on the global battery giant Tesla. Redback have shown of their Brisbane impressive technologies Nurse recently at the Melbourne Solar Expo 2016 and Solar QLD Solar were there to check it out. In all they look like they are onto something good. It’s great to see local, Brisbane-based companies creating awesome solar tech. 

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Brisbane Solar Quotes

You can get solar quotes from us if you’re after a system or you can use a quoting site to compare Brisbane solar installers such as Better nhà Solar Power Quotes. We’ve been in the game for over a decade now and won’t disappoint our customers for anything.


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