Brisbane Solar Commercial

Brisbane solar commercial – it’s getting more appealing all the time. Businesses are turning to solar because:

  1. It’s cheaper than buying power from the grid
  2. Commercial solar is quite an advanced technology and very reliable
  3. It’s a proven way to reduce costs
  4. Solar can even have tax benefits for businesses!
  5. Businesses (usually) run when the sun is out (making solar power)

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There are heaps of reasons why Brisbane solar commercial systems are getting more popular. Brisbane is a great place for solar power since the sun is a huge resource in QLD. Growth in the solar sector has only occurred recently because businesses are buying solar panels. Residential solar has slowed a bit recently.

Brisbane solar commercial – why solar QLD?

Solar QLD have your commercial systems covered. We give you an honest, quality product at an honest, fair price.

Here is what a Brisbane solar commercial system would produce (in kWhs)

  • 5kW – 21kWhs
  • 10kW – 42kWs
  • 15kW – 63kWhs
  • 20kW – 84kWhs
  • 30kW – 126kWhs
  • 50kW – 210kWhs
  • 99kW – 416kWhs

The above list shows what a Brisbane solar commercial system would pump out DAILY in kWhs. But this isn’t the whole story! A solar curve will not always match exactly what your energy use is. If you over-produce, you might need to “export-limit” your system. This means you “dump” any extra power which you don’t use. No worries, it just means you don’t get optimal savings every day.

It’s safe to say a Brisbane-based business should under-size a solar system to a maximum of 60% of their usage. For example, if you use 100kWhs a day, you should get a solar system which makes 60kWhs per day. This is only if you want to reduce the chance of “wasting” export-dumped power.

How much will Brisbane solar commercial systems save?

This depends how much you pay for power (and your billing structure). If you’re on a simple billing structure which charges a flat $0.26/kWh (for example) then each kWh you generate (and use) saves you $0.26.

If you were using 60kWhs a day from solar panels, you’d save $15.60 a day (or about $480 a month).

Business solar Brisbane – should you do it?

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to solar. Ask us about your options to get an honest, expert representative to have a chat with you. Usually solar power makes sense from an investment point of view. Sizing your system properly is part of a successful outcome.

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