Mackay Solar Commercial

Mackay solar commercial systems can save a mint. You don’t want to pay for power bills the rest of your life! That’s why Mackay businesses are turning to solar. Mackay solar is much the same as Rockhampton commercial solar. A little different to Brisbane solar.

Is Mackay The Perfect Place For Commercial Solar Systems?

You’ve gotta ask the question. Is Mackay solar commercial going to deliver the goods. Meaning will a business-scale solar system pay for itself quick-smart? In general we see solar systems in Mackay pay for themselves in less than 5 years. This is not an optimistic figure by any standards. Mackay is a sunny place with heaps of solar potential.

Here’s a rough guide to what solar system is right for your business.

  • Monthly bill = $1,000 – 15kW solar system
  • Monthly bill = $3,000 – 30kW solar system
  • Monthly bill = $5,000 – 60kW solar system
  • Monthly bill = $10,000 – 99kW solar system

It has to be said – these figures are pretty rough. But many customers choose those size systems for those matching bills.

Check out our must-read checklist for more Brisbane solar info.

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