Rockhampton Solar Commercial

Rockhampton Solar Commercial systems have become more popular recently. Rocky is a great place for solar since:

  1. There is heaps of sunshine
  2. Power prices are ridiculous
  3. Solar power is awesome

Uptake of solar power for businesses in Rockhampton has been a bit slow compared to other parts of QLD such as Brisbane. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great idea! In fact, many Rockhampton businesses we install are PERFECT for solar power. This just means:

  1. They use lots of energy during the day (when the sun shines)
  2. They pay too much for power from their retailer (up to $0.40/kWh or more!)
  3. They’d rather pay for a solar system than pay more massive bills

Rockhampton Solar Commercial – The solution?

Here’s our rough guide to what size commercial system you need in Rockhampton:

  • If your energy use is 50kWh/day you need a 10kW system (approx.)
  • If your energy use is 100kWh/day you need a 15kW system (approx.)
  • If your energy use is 300kWh/day you need a 40kW system (approx.)

But why use these “guess-work” numbers when you can get an obligation-free quote from one of our QLD solar experts? Contact us to get a quote now.

What about solar Brisbane? Read our 5 step checklist.

Rockhampton Solar Commercial – Energy potential

There is massive potential for energy generation in Rockhampton. Rocky produces about 4.3kWhs for every kW of panels you install. And that’s DAILY. Which works out about 1,570kWhs per year (from EVERY kW). If you got a 10kW solar system installed, that would produce around 15,700kWhs per year. How much do you pay for that kind of power?

If you’re paying around the $0.40 mark for power, just one year is worth $6,280. Meaning that’s how much you pay for that much power! Now there are other complex factors to think about. You might not use all the solar power when it’s pumping out. So it might be wise to upgrade to a 12kW or even a 15kW system. It can also be a good idea to do an East-West split on a commercial solar system.

Rockhampton Solar Commercial – Solar system prices

How much can you expect to pay for a commercial solar system in Rocky?

This depends on a bunch of things. Here are some “estimated-complete” prices from us:

* These prices would be top-quality JINKO panels and SMA inverters

  • 10kW commercial solar system = $16,900
  • 20kW commercial solar system = $35,200
  • 30kW commercial solar system = $49,000
  • 50kW commercial solar system = $79,400
  • 99kW commercial solar system = $159,000


These are only estimates. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote today!

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