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Home solar power is the best way to cut power bills down in QLD. QLD is blessed with sunshine everyday. It’s such a shame when it’s not being used to kill power bills! Thankfully, QLD has a pretty high uptake of home solar power systems. The reason is it makes sense! Even with the big feed in tariff gone, QLD remains one of the most popular states in Australia (alongside NSW) for home solar installations. Commercial solar systems are on the rise while home solar power remains popular. Residential & commercial solar Brisbane customers must read this.

typical home solar power qld installation
This is a “typical” 8 panel home solar power system. Most homes in QLD have around 20 panels.

Home Solar Power QLD – What’s The Biggest Solar System I Can Install?

One of the biggest questions we get asked is what’s the biggest solar system I can install in QLD. Well, you’ll be happy (I suppose) to know that there is no limit as such. It all depends on what your network provider will allow. In fact, if the network allowed it, you could install 100kW solar power system on your home! Feed In Tariffs are a different story though. If you want the state feed in tariff (which is now non-existent) then you need to stick under 5kW for your inverter size.

Home Solar Power QLD – Can I have more than 5kW on a 5kW inverter?

The short answer is yes! The only limits here are:

  1. The limit of your inverter to handle the current & voltage of your solar power system
  2. The limit imposed by the Clean Energy Regulator.

In fact, it’s quite safe to put as much as 10kW on a 5kW inverter (as long as the current & voltage limits are respected!).

The limit imposed by the Clean Energy Regulator are designed to make sure systems aren’t overloaded.

This limit is 1.333 x inverter AC power output. An SMA 5kW Sunny Boy Inverter has an AC power maximum of 4.6kW. So the limit of panels you can put on this inverter is 1.333 x 4.6 = 6.13kW.

home solar power qld installer

Home Solar Power QLD Prices

Home solar power systems are very affordable. QLD is one of the most affordable states for installing solar power. These days you can get a really good, premium home solar power system for as little as $6,000 for a 5kW system. The average for this system size is $7,000 (May, 2015).

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