JFY Inverters

JFY Inverters offer a cheap alternative to the SMA. If you’re on a budget, but you still want awesome quality and proven performance – look no further! Get a JFY and join the thousands of happy Aussie customers who use this reliable, Chinese inverter.

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JFY In Australia

Here is the main JFY website (China): Visit JFY Website Here is the service JFY website (Australia): Visit JFY Service Website (Australia)

Alternatively, here are the contact details you can use to get in touch with JFY (Australia):

Phone: 1300 368 488 | Email: service@jfytech.com.au

JFY Inverter Types

JFY have inverter solutions for all types of solar applications. The most common (and the best) application is the twin input Suntwins series inverters. This includes:
  • JFY Suntwins 3300TL
  • JFY Suntwins 4000TL
  • JFY Suntwtins 5000TL
The 5kW JFY Suntwins inverter can handle up to 7kW of solar panels on the input side. Other JFY Inverter types include:
  • JFY JSI Series inverters (small, single input inverters)
  • JFY Suntree Series inverters (larger, 3 phase inverters)

Which JFY Inverter Is Right For Me?

If you’ve got a single roof-face facing pretty well North, the JSI series inverter is fine. If you have some intermittent shade problems, or you just want a better inverter, the Suntwins series is the way to go. If you have to split your panels up (E.g. 10 facing North, 10 facing West) then the Suntwins OR Suntree is the way to go. The only reason you’d go with the Suntree is if you’ve got a 3 phase power supply.

Why is a dual tracking inverter better?

A dual tracking inverter, or an inverter with 2 MPPTs (Max Power Point Trackers) is a better choice in most cases. It’s a bit like an insurance policy. Or kind of like not putting all your eggs in one basket. Because you’ve got 2 separate strings, you’ve got a lesser chance of things going pear-shaped.

JFY Datasheets

Download JFY JSI Inverter datasheet Download JFY Suntwins Inverter datasheet Download JFY Suntree Inverter datasheet

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