Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko solar panels are “tier 1”, one of a kind panels with an excellent reputation in Australia. If you want a solid panel, with a great warranty and proven performance, choose Jinko’s.

jinko solar panels
Jinko solar panels are second to none for excellent value and performance

Jinko panels are widely available in Brisbane solar systems and are priced well for the quality they deliver!

Here is the standard Jinko solar panel datasheet

Jinko Solar Panels – Company Background

Jinko is a Chinese solar panel and one of the top manufacturers in the world!

They scored highly in all Photon module field tests and are Bloomberg Tier 1 rated panels.

Panels similar to Jinko include:

  • Trina solar panels
  • Phono solar panels
  • Risen energy solar panels
  • Seraphim solar panels
jinko solar logo
Jinko solar panels logo

All of the above listed panels are similar in grade to Jinko. The difference with Jinko is they are a MAJOR manufacturer (most similar to TRINA). The rest listed above are all tier 1 panels and all made in China. Most have reasonable performance. One thing to note: Jinko has better long-term performance than ANY of the above.

So in terms of value for money? Jinko solar panels are where it’s at!

We have hundreds of happy customers who put Jinko solar panels on their roof. Usually in combination with a German-made SMA inverter. This is a match made in heaven.

Sure if you had the budget and didn’t want a quick ROI, there are “better” panels. Premium solar panels like SUNPOWER, WINAICO, LG, Q-CELLS are good. No arguing with that. But when it comes down to it… You want to spend $8k or $6k on a solar power system? That’s 30% extra!! And performance might be marginally better (2-5%?). No thanks. Stick to Jinko solar panels and you can’t go wrong.

jinko solar warranty
The linear performance warranty for Jinko solar panels is the best it gets.

Here’s why Jinko Solar Panels are an excellent choice:

  • They are cheaper than many similar panels (like those listed above)
  • They are better performers than most other panels (came second in Photon tests one year)
  • They have an Australian office
  • They are tier 1 solar panels
  • They are a MAJOR… Major solar panel company
  • Thousands of Aussies already have Jinko panels on their roofs
  • Excellent linear solar panel performance warranty


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