QLD Solar Panels – Comparison & Choice Guide

There are hundreds of “qld solar panels” on the market. The trick is they’re all from China!

So let’s get one thing straight: when we say “QLD solar panels” or “Queensland solar panels”, we’re talking about solar panels SOLD in QLD, not made here.

qld solar panels brisbane

There was just one company claiming to make qld solar panels here in Brisbane… That’s right, APS solar panels. And we all know their reputation right? Well in case you don’t, APS or “Australian Premium Solar” already got in trouble with the ACCC over their dodgy naming. That’s right, Euro Solar are behind APS. So it’s NOT a QLD solar panel. It’s just a sub-par, Chinese panel brought to a Brisbane shed and sold under a name indicating it might be Australian.

QLD Solar Panels – Some GOOD Brands (All Chinese)

Here are some great solar panel brands available in Brisbane & QLD “solar panels Brisbane“:

  • Jinko solar
  • Trina
  • Phono solar
  • Risen energy
  • ET solar
  • Canadian solar

There are marginal differences with the above panels. All tier 1 solar panels made in China. Some have done better than others in performance tests. Risen, ET and Jinko are the better performers from that list at least.

Then you’ve got “QLD solar panels” made in other countries…

Panels like these either make SOME or all of their panels in countries which are not China:

  • LG
  • Aleo solar
  • Q Cells

This is a cut-down list of course as there are TOO MANY solar panels to get them all.

While all of the above are good panels (and excellent performers) the extra $500 – $1,000 for these babies is generally NOT worth the cost in terms of returns. Stick to good panels and you’ll be happy. But don’t pay too much for the system either! Would an average working-class person buy a mercedes?! No. Why not? Because the fords, holdens, hondas etc. do the same job.



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