Queensland Solar – Everything You Need To Know

Queensland Solar. The 2 words sound like they’re made for each other. Like BBQ and prawns. Or politics and boring. Seriously though, let’s give a run-down on the current STATE of solar in the sunshine STATE. QLD Solar that is…

Queensland solar
Sunny QLD gives you plenty of reasons to get solar panels!

If you didn’t know it yet, Solar Choice do a bunch of fancy articles on Queensland solar information. Here is some of what you’ll find over there if you’re interested. The gist of it:

  • Solar prices in QLD are still sitting around $1.60/W – That would be around $8,000 for a 5kW solar system.
  • Commercial solar in QLD is starting to go pretty well. Lots of big Queensland solar projects on the go.
  • They (solar choice) might not say it but despite batteries seeming really cool, they aren’t a good investment. And I question whether they are any better environmentally than coal…
  • Rebates have dropped (STCs) since the “deeming period” has gone down about 6.7%. 

What about the useless QLD solar government information? Well it’s not totally useless actually. It goes over everything you need to know about the 44c Feed In Tariff – solar bonus scheme (SBS). Including when it will end (expires on 1 July 2028). And whether you can upgrade your system (not really – you can add panels but not additional inverter capacity).

The guys over at Energy Matters offer expensive solar offers here. They are also trying to flog batteries with their systems which is really a no-no. 

Some USEFUL Queensland solar government information can be found here. This is at least a pretty reputable source of information when it comes to solar in QLD.

Don’t forget, we at solar QLD always keep our customer’s interests first, no matter what. We will work with you to make sure you get the solar system you want at a reasonable price. 

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Here is a Queensland solar video from back in ’14. Ridiculous video about how people who got the 44c feed-in-tariff are champagne sipping, latte set. 



A slightly more current video about solar feed in tariffs in QLD:


But it’s not about how much solar feed in tariff you get! As long as you get a good quality Queensland solar installation and you buy good solar products, you’ll get a good return! If you risk buying cheap solar products from dodgy solar installers then you will likely have headaches down the track.


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