SMA Inverters

SMA inverters are the best there is. They are 100% German-made. They come with excellent warranties and work extremely well. If you want to get serious about your solar power and you want your system to last the distance, invest in the SMA and you’ll never look back at anything else (except your neighbour’s cheap, Chinese, no-name system that catches on fire). [envira-gallery slug="sma-inverters"]

Why SMA Inverters Are So Bloody Good?

In Brisbane solar systems, SMA are THE most popular brand. Ask anyone. SMA inverters are the best. There’s nobody who disputes it. They’ve been around the longest, they’re German made, they have a very low failure rate, a very high efficiency and great customer support. Not only that, SMA have thought of everything. If you were the guy who designed SMA inverters, you’d be a bloody obsessive compulsive, detail-oriented, future-proofing freak. Well let’s just say it’s a good thing SMA inverters aren’t designed just by one bloke. They have teams of highly trained engineers working on their products and they know their stuff. You’ll be able to rest easy if you do decide to invest in a glorious SMA inverter. They are the best you can buy.

What is the SMA Inverter Range?

SMA has got a big range of inverters. We’ll just breeze over the most common ones here to keep things simple.
  • Sunny Boy – By far the best known inverter and a great choice for most residential applications. These things are designed and built very well.
  • Sunny Tripower – These are for larger applications, or where a 3 phase inverter is needed. They are among the most efficient inverters in the world.
  • Sunny Island – Thought about batteries yet. No doubt you did when you got your last power bill. How the bloody hell did we use $800 worth of power!! The Sunny Island is an inverter/charger that can get you off the grid (combined with a grid-tied inverter) if you’ve got the moola.
OK, let’s stop there, that’s enough for most people. Why complicate it right. I will say though, SMA also do a brilliant little micro-inverter.

 SMA Inverters Downloads

SMA Sunny Boy Inverters (Small) SMA Sunny Boy Inverters (3kW – 5kW) SMA SMC Inverters SMA_STP Inverters (5kW – 9kW) SMA_STP Inverters (10kW – 17kW)

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