Are Jinko Solar Panels Good?

Jinko solar guy

Jinko Solar panels… Popular in Australia, but are they any good?

Jinko solar is a big company that’s been around a while. You’ll note that they are a Chinese company. The good news is, they claim to be Chinese, they sound Chinese, they look Chinese and they ARE a decent product! Unlike munsterland, german solar, Canadian Solar and the list goes on – Jinko do not pretend to be something they are not.

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QLD Solar Panels – Comparison & Choice Guide

qld solar panels brisbane

There are hundreds of “qld solar panels” on the market. The trick is they’re all from China!

So let’s get one thing straight: when we say “QLD solar panels” or “Queensland solar panels”, we’re talking about solar panels SOLD in QLD, not made here.

qld solar panels brisbane

There was just one company claiming to make qld solar panels here in Brisbane… That’s right, APS solar panels. And we all know their reputation right? Well in case you don’t, APS or “Australian Premium Solar” already got in trouble with the ACCC over their dodgy naming. That’s right, Euro Solar are behind APS. So it’s NOT a QLD solar panel. It’s just a sub-par, Chinese panel brought to a Brisbane shed and sold under a name indicating it might be Australian.

QLD Solar Panels – Some GOOD Brands (All Chinese)

Here are some great solar panel brands available in Brisbane & QLD “solar panels Brisbane“:

  • Jinko solar
  • Trina
  • Phono solar
  • Risen energy
  • ET solar
  • Canadian solar

There are marginal differences with the above panels. All tier 1 solar panels made in China. Some have done better than others in performance tests. Risen, ET and Jinko are the better performers from that list at least.

Then you’ve got “QLD solar panels” made in other countries…

Panels like these either make SOME or all of their panels in countries which are not China:

  • LG
  • Aleo solar
  • Q Cells

This is a cut-down list of course as there are TOO MANY solar panels to get them all.

While all of the above are good panels (and excellent performers) the extra $500 – $1,000 for these babies is generally NOT worth the cost in terms of returns. Stick to good panels and you’ll be happy. But don’t pay too much for the system either! Would an average working-class person buy a mercedes?! No. Why not? Because the fords, holdens, hondas etc. do the same job.



Brisbane Solar – Is A Carbon Tax Necessary?

solar Brisbane panels installer

While residential uptake of Brisbane solar has been great, the state as a cheap nfl jerseys whole, may not be able to reach the Renewable Energy Target (RET) without a carbon tax, wholesale mlb jerseys according to Energy Minister Mark Bailey.

The RET currently requires 50% of QLD energy needs be met by renewables by 2030. But it looks like even a rapid uptake of solar power can’t see this target met. Investment in large-scale solar and wind farms is required to Choosing get us there.

solar Brisbane panels installer

While installing Brisbane solar panels is popular, it’s simply not enough.

An article in the Brisbane Times today goes over the details on why a carbon tax may be required as part of a strategy to wholesale jerseys meet the RET.

Solar QLD are continuously doing our part to try to make solar panels more common. Commercial solar is starting to takeover. We’re talking with more and more business owners every day about how solar panels are a perfect match for businesses who use most of their power during the day.

Brisbane Solar Batteries

Batteries Get are the next piece of the puzzle and will make solar even more attractive for millions across Queensland. A Brisbane solar batteries company Redback have recently unveiled their plans to take on the global battery giant Tesla. Redback have shown of their Brisbane impressive technologies Nurse recently at the Melbourne Solar Expo 2016 and Solar QLD Solar were there to check it out. In all they look like they are onto something good. It’s great to see local, Brisbane-based companies creating awesome solar tech. 

home solar power qld installer

Brisbane Solar Quotes

You can get solar quotes from us if you’re after a system or you can use a quoting site to compare Brisbane solar installers such as Better nhà Solar Power Quotes. We’ve been in the game for over a decade now and won’t disappoint our customers for anything.


Solar Prices Across Brisbane

Solar prices across Brisbane

There is a difference in solar prices across Brisbane, Queensland. You’ll find that some companies try to sell EXACTLY the same solar system for up to TWICE the “normal” price tag. How can this happen? Why isn’t wholesale nba jerseys this regulated? How do you know you’re getting a good price?

Let’s take a cheap nba jerseys look.

Solar prices across Brisbane

Solar Prices Across Brisbane

Solar Brisbane North… Is it the same as Solar prices in the South? Not necessarily. Keep in mind every solar installer is different. Some are dodgy, some are ok. Some want high profits, some just want to sell systems! It’s an absolute jungle. But you’ll know if you read our post on solar system prices why you get a range of different pricing.

Where can you get a solar bargain in Brisbane? Well the key is to know what quality you want and what a reasonable price for it is. In truth, solar prices are often set (to an extent) by how much solar can save you! And since a 5kW would save around $400 off your power bill, you might expect the equivalent 4-year ROI pricing for your system.

In other words, 400 x 4 x 4 = $6,400. That’s about right. We sell solar QLD packages with premium 5kW systems for just $5,400. Even less. But we don’t brag about low prices. Our prices are NOT the lowest. If you want the lowest price try Euro solar or some small company with no reputation. There is plenty of competition. But we know what’s a fair deal for both us and our customers.

Solar system prices

Here’s what we offer (in a nutshell) – we can always do custom systems but why would you want anything else!?

We offer great brands and excellent Solar value.

  • 3kW system – $3,200 – $3,900
  • 4kW system $4,000 – $4,800
  • 5kW system – $4,900 – $5,400
  • 6kW system – $5,400 – $5,900

This is good value. If you look at other websites cheap jerseys to find solar prices across Brisbane you’ll find we are competitive without being ridiculous. Like I said, we keep our prices fair for both our customers and us – which gives people peace of mind that their installer WILL BE AROUND IN 5 – 10 – 20 YEARS!!!

Solar power locations – where can you get these solar prices?

If you’re in Brisbane and your wondering whether you can get these prices for your solar system, the ?? quick answer is YES! 

  • Solar systems Rocklea
  • Solar в systems Hamilton
  • Solar systems Ascot
  • Solar systems Graceville
  • Solar Systems Indooroopilly
  • Solar Systems Bundall
  • Solar Systems Grange

We can install your solar power system at an excellent price, but more importantly… Excellent value for money!

Solar Systems Across Brisbane – Price Variation

Our prices include ALMOST everything. The only 2 things you have to watch out for (so you don’t get bitten!) are:

  1. If your meter board is ancient and NEEDS to be replaced under electrical safety rules, this will cost you an additional $350
  2. ENERGEX will charge you $300 (single phase) for meter installation or $550 if it’s a 3 phase connection

Other than this, you’re covered! Happy times, you’ve HaCk3D found the best installer to handle your Brisbane solar installation. Don’t forget to check out solar feed in tariffs information before you buy!

Solar System Prices QUEENSLAND, Brisbane, Gold Coast

solar system prices Brisbane - installation

Solar system prices… It’s one of those simple things you might “just want to know” before you buy. It’s not always straight-forward. Companies might charge for things like:

  1. Quote preparation
  2. Site visits
  3. Meter replacement
  4. Roof brackets for tile roof
  5. Extra roof height
  6. Distance from panels to inverter
  7. Making changes to your original contract
  8. Other crazy things!

It’s important to be clear about what’s included in your solar system prices. Panels, inverter, racking, installation, rebates! Some solar companies will give you dodgy quotes so look out!

solar system prices Brisbane - installation
Solar installers hard at work. No wonder it costs what it does – it’s hard work!


Brisbane Solar System Prices – Panels

Solar panels make up usually about 46% of the total cost to you. This is a large amount! If you buy a system for say $6,000 – the panels might make up as much as $3,000 from that! But in actual fact, this isn’t right. Because your solar rebates come from the panels, solar panels end up costing you next to nothing. Installation cost is usually the next big one. Then the inverter (depending which Hoefzweer type you get) and the balance of system components.

Solar System Prices – Installation

Brisbane solar system installation is the same as anywhere else in QLD really. Except if you’re under the Ergon network you might get a different feed-in-tariff. The main wholesale jerseys thing is, get your system installed properly! There are too many cowboys (still) in the solar industry so watch out! Do research on the company you’re considering. Talk cheap MLB jerseys to the company, but also talk to Choosing past customers if you can. Just watch out for trolls and sharks online trying to sell their own brands! 

It’s absolutely crazy in this industry. Nothing like it. But get a good quality solar installation – that’s the most important thing. So you stay safe and your system lasts a long time.

Installation usually costs something like $2,000 – $3,500 for a 5kW (thereabouts). 

solar system installation - pricing
Notice the 2 different panel types. Not much difference to performance Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys but expect at least 15% extra for monos (the black ones)!

Solar System Prices – Inverter

The inverter component of a solar system Supply installation is not that much. Cheaper, Chinese inverters (5kW) are as little as $1,000! State-of-the-art German inverters are more like $2,000. Then you’ve got things like micro-inverters which are more like $3,000! The idea here is to get a reliable, efficient inverter that won’t die on you!

Solar System Prices – balance

You’ve gotta get cabling, signage, all that other stuff. Brackets and the like. This is a small part of the overall solar system cost. 

Typical solar system costs – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

Solar system prices are typically in these brackets: 1. Extremely cheap, 2. Good Value, 3. Extremely expensive.

Obviously you want something that’s good value.

Range of prices (5kW solar system installation). How much does a 5kW solar system cost in Brisbane?

On the extremely cheap end: $3,500 – $4,500

In the “value” range: $5,000 – $6,500

In the stupidly expensive range: $6,500 +

That’s the truth of the matter. Solar system prices don’t need to be complex. 

Contact us for a quote on Brisbane solar systems. Our customers are happier than most!


Range of prices, solar system costs Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

  • 3kW solar system price – $3,500
  • 4kWsolar system price – $4,200
  • 5kW solar system price – $5,400
  • 6kW solar system price – was $6,400 – special price $5,900!
  • 10kW solar system price – $11,000
  • 30kW solar system price – $32,300
  • 50kW wholesale MLB jerseys solar system price – $53,000
  • 80kW solar system price – $86,000
  • 100kW solar system price – $105,900

The above solar system prices are all including GST AND STC discounts. That is, they show it what the “regular customer” would pay. If you’re a company you might have other benefits as well which bring the solar pricing down!

Price of polys vs monos

It’s the age-old solar debate. Poly or mono panels? Well honestly it’s not much of a debate anymore. Monos are good, but more expensive to make. And the performance gains are minimal compared to the cost difference! About 3% or so better performance (optimistically) at 15% extra cost!? Nah, stick to polycrystalline solar panels Brisbane!

Solar Panels Brisbane QLD – Choosing An Installer

Solar Brisbane Installation

Getting solar panels Brisbane is a big step.

Among all the sales hype, product choice etc, the everyday customer is meant to make a decision. And you better make the right one. We’ve all heard the horror stories about what can go wrong with solar. And many of them are almost enough to deter people from even making a choice!

Solar Brisbane Installation

Overall Summary – Solar Panels Brisbane

If you’re in Brisbane and trying to make the right choice about solar panels. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Do some research on panel brands – look at the big brands like Trina, Jinko, Canadian Solar, ET, LG, but don’t discount the lesser known brands – they can also be good (and a bargain) if you get the right thing.
  • Think about yield (not efficiency) – an efficient panel will produce slightly more power (PER SQUARE METER) than a less efficient panel. While that is good and desirable in some cases, it’s not really that important. What’s much, MUCH more important? Yield – how much energy you get from a panel that says it’s 260W. Many solar panels Brisbane has to offer are 260W, 300W or even bigger! Comparing yield gives you a fair platform for making cheap nba jerseys a choice.

Solar panels Brisbane

Solar Panels Brisbane – Brands

We’ve done our due diligence on solar panel brands. We only install the best solar panel brands on the market. If customers ask us to install some cheap brand so they can save money we wholesale jerseys won’t do it.

Here is a list of 7 tier 1 solar Brisbane panels:

  1. – WINAICO
  2. – LG Solar
  3. – Jinko
  4. – C-SUN
  5. – Phono Solar
  6. – Canadian Solar
  7. – Trina Solar

Solar Panels Brisbane – Yield

Don’t forget! It’s not all about the solar panel brand. One important thing to consider is yield. For example, if you have a 250W Jinko panel and compare it to a 250W Trina panel – which one will perform better in the long-run. Savings can be Nfl significant! As much as 10% in some cases. We only use panels which have a proven, independent track-record of exceptional performance over the years.

Solar Panels Brisbane – Prices

Our solar QLD packages have a range of options available. In truth, we won’t go cheap. The dangers cheap jerseys of getting a cheap solar installation aren’t worth the cheap price! Sparkies cut corners. Install inverters in the sun to save cable costs. Run cheap, low-grade conduit. Dodgy installations are everywhere – and it’s not only the cheap systems! We make sure our prices are fair and our service is extremely good. So you know you’ll be happy.

Solar Panels Brisbane – Installation

We touched on installation already. A good Brisbane solar installation is like any other. And although solar is a pretty simple thing to put in. We’re amazed at how often we come across shoddy, even DANGEROUS installations!

It’s important that the system is installed with care to ensure you get the most from it and have no hassles. Leaky roofs, improperly insulated cables, wrong positioning of components – these are just a few of the things to watch out for.

Solar Panels Brisbane – Other Considerations

ENERGEX are the Brisbane solar approval body as you probably know. The Brisbane electrical network is run by ENERGEX. They introduced a cost in 2015 where consumers have to pay for them to come and connect a NET meter for your solar system. A single phase system is about $300. A Crazy three phase more like $550!

Brisbane energy retailers sometimes offer a solar feed in tariff. Choose a retailer who has both: 1. Competitive energy rates and 2. A high solar feed in tariff

solar tiles being installed

Here’s a video that shows how Brisbane solar owners can read their ENERGEX solar meter (How to read a Brisbane solar energy meter):