Solar Brisbane: Customer Checklist (5 Steps)

Solar Brisbane – you’re thinking about solar. Is solar a good choice? Which solar brands are the best? Head spinning. “There’s sooo much information about solar…” 

Introducing… Solar QLD’s “Solar Brisbane Customer Checklist”! Here’s everything you need to know about solar BEFORE you buy. In just 5 steps.


Step 1: Know About Dodgy Solar Systems

solar brisbane damaged panels
Panels damaged by hail (not due to dodgy quality… just massive hail)

You may have heard rumours (or maybe not) – but it’s true! Dodgy solar installers are EVERYWHERE. Here is why:

  1. Businesses setup shop to make money off the rebate (not because they care about solar)
  2. Money-driven cowboys enter the market
  3. The solar market is competitive! This leads to some very low prices. And that leads to cutting corners with solar installations!
  4. Some people are not at all competent – and many don’t even know BASICS about how solar works!

Adding it up yet? Solar is complicated and a rebate system like the solar Brisbane rebate system means this:

Many people trying to operate in a semi-specialised space! A recipe for (potential) disaster.

Here’s what you need to know about dodgy solar systems:

  1. Solar panels with chinese-sounding brands are usually ones to stay away from
  2. Solar panels with european-sounding brands are usually ones to stay away from
  3. Chinese inverters aren’t all bad (but mostly are not as good as – truly – European-made inverters)
  4. Some solar Brisbane installers try to “pressure-sell” BEWARE: this is one of the WORST things you could fall for. People spend THOUSANDS extra on deals because of sly salesmen. Do Your Research and avoid this solar-pitfall.

Step 2: Know How Solar Brisbane Rebates Work

Brisbane solar rebates

Solar rebates in Australia are like this:

  1. Discounts on your purchase (called STCs or “RECs”)
  2. Money you get from solar energy you produce (called solar feed in tariffs)

The STC rebate can be worth a LOT of money. Here’s a list of solar Brisbane STC government incentive (rebates):

  • 1.5kW solar system rebate (Brisbane): $1,147
  • 2kW solar system rebate (Brisbane): $1,517
  • 3kW solar system rebate (Brisbane): $2,294
  • 4kW solar system rebate (Brisbane): $3,034
  • 5kW solar system rebate (Brisbane): $3,811
  • 6kW solar system rebate (Brisbane): $4,588

Above rebates are based on an STC value of $37. This sometimes changes. Which means less (or more) rebate for you!

Step 3: Know How Much Solar (In Brisbane) Will Save You

solar Brisbane savings $15
$15 could be a lot easier to come by with solar on the roof.

OK this depends on a few things…

  1. Your power prices – Brisbane “standard” is $0.2687/kWh excl. = $0.296/kWh
  2. Feed in tariff value (in Brisbane $0.08 is typical)
  3. How much power you use and WHEN you use power
  4. Solar panel positions and shading

That’s basically it.

Here’s an example of solar Brisbane savings from an average 5kW solar system:

If you use 24kWh/day and it’s broken up like 10kWh during daylight and 14kWh at night…

You get savings of $0.296 x 10 + $0.10 x 14 = $4.36/day or $1,591 per year!

Step 4: How To Spot A Good System

good solar panels brisbane
Finding out if a solar system is good or not? Easy!

There are many, many, many… many solar panels out there. Many good ones. Many CRAP ones. Here’s a good way to find out instantly if a panel is any good… go to Google and type “[brand name] solar panel reviews” – open 3 pages and have a gander. How do you find a good inverter? Do the SAME THING. This takes 10 minutes, and saves you HEADACHES galore. Tier 1 is a bunch of rubbish really. Efficiency is BS too. 

What about solar Brisbane installers?

Solar QLD have an excellent reputation and have installed thousands of systems with only the best quality components – we NEVER cut corners and our customers ALWAYS come first.

Step 5: I Want To Know More!

Still got an itchy question? Want to get down to prices? Maybe you want a particular brand for some reason? We can help. We’ll answer your call and ask your questions – call 07 3054 4384.

Call us now on 07 3054 4308 for more information


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