Solar Panels Brisbane QLD – Choosing An Installer

Getting solar panels Brisbane is a big step.

Among all the sales hype, product choice etc, the everyday customer is meant to make a decision. And you better make the right one. We’ve all heard the horror stories about what can go wrong with solar. And many of them are almost enough to deter people from even making a choice!

Solar Brisbane Installation

Overall Summary – Solar Panels Brisbane

If you’re in Brisbane and trying to make the right choice about solar panels. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Do some research on panel brands – look at the big brands like Trina, Jinko, Canadian Solar, ET, LG, but don’t discount the lesser known brands – they can also be good (and a bargain) if you get the right thing.
  • Think about yield (not efficiency) – an efficient panel will produce slightly more power (PER SQUARE METER) than a less efficient panel. While that is good and desirable in some cases, it’s not really that important. What’s much, MUCH more important? Yield – how much energy you get from a panel that says it’s 260W. Many solar panels Brisbane has to offer are 260W, 300W or even bigger! Comparing yield gives you a fair platform for making cheap nba jerseys a choice.

Solar panels Brisbane

Solar Panels Brisbane – Brands

We’ve done our due diligence on solar panel brands. We only install the best solar panel brands on the market. If customers ask us to install some cheap brand so they can save money we wholesale jerseys won’t do it.

Here is a list of 7 tier 1 solar Brisbane panels:

  1. – WINAICO
  2. – LG Solar
  3. – Jinko
  4. – C-SUN
  5. – Phono Solar
  6. – Canadian Solar
  7. – Trina Solar

Solar Panels Brisbane – Yield

Don’t forget! It’s not all about the solar panel brand. One important thing to consider is yield. For example, if you have a 250W Jinko panel and compare it to a 250W Trina panel – which one will perform better in the long-run. Savings can be Nfl significant! As much as 10% in some cases. We only use panels which have a proven, independent track-record of exceptional performance over the years.

Solar Panels Brisbane – Prices

Our solar QLD packages have a range of options available. In truth, we won’t go cheap. The dangers cheap jerseys of getting a cheap solar installation aren’t worth the cheap price! Sparkies cut corners. Install inverters in the sun to save cable costs. Run cheap, low-grade conduit. Dodgy installations are everywhere – and it’s not only the cheap systems! We make sure our prices are fair and our service is extremely good. So you know you’ll be happy.

Solar Panels Brisbane – Installation

We touched on installation already. A good Brisbane solar installation is like any other. And although solar is a pretty simple thing to put in. We’re amazed at how often we come across shoddy, even DANGEROUS installations!

It’s important that the system is installed with care to ensure you get the most from it and have no hassles. Leaky roofs, improperly insulated cables, wrong positioning of components – these are just a few of the things to watch out for.

Solar Panels Brisbane – Other Considerations

ENERGEX are the Brisbane solar approval body as you probably know. The Brisbane electrical network is run by ENERGEX. They introduced a cost in 2015 where consumers have to pay for them to come and connect a NET meter for your solar system. A single phase system is about $300. A Crazy three phase more like $550!

Brisbane energy retailers sometimes offer a solar feed in tariff. Choose a retailer who has both: 1. Competitive energy rates and 2. A high solar feed in tariff

solar tiles being installed

Here’s a video that shows how Brisbane solar owners can read their ENERGEX solar meter (How to read a Brisbane solar energy meter):


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