Solar Prices Across Brisbane

There is a difference in solar prices across Brisbane, Queensland. You’ll find that some companies try to sell EXACTLY the same solar system for up to TWICE the “normal” price tag. How can this happen? Why isn’t wholesale nba jerseys this regulated? How do you know you’re getting a good price?

Let’s take a cheap nba jerseys look.

Solar prices across Brisbane

Solar Prices Across Brisbane

Solar Brisbane North… Is it the same as Solar prices in the South? Not necessarily. Keep in mind every solar installer is different. Some are dodgy, some are ok. Some want high profits, some just want to sell systems! It’s an absolute jungle. But you’ll know if you read our post on solar system prices why you get a range of different pricing.

Where can you get a solar bargain in Brisbane? Well the key is to know what quality you want and what a reasonable price for it is. In truth, solar prices are often set (to an extent) by how much solar can save you! And since a 5kW would save around $400 off your power bill, you might expect the equivalent 4-year ROI pricing for your system.

In other words, 400 x 4 x 4 = $6,400. That’s about right. We sell solar QLD packages with premium 5kW systems for just $5,400. Even less. But we don’t brag about low prices. Our prices are NOT the lowest. If you want the lowest price try Euro solar or some small company with no reputation. There is plenty of competition. But we know what’s a fair deal for both us and our customers.

Solar system prices

Here’s what we offer (in a nutshell) – we can always do custom systems but why would you want anything else!?

We offer great brands and excellent Solar value.

  • 3kW system – $3,200 – $3,900
  • 4kW system $4,000 – $4,800
  • 5kW system – $4,900 – $5,400
  • 6kW system – $5,400 – $5,900

This is good value. If you look at other websites cheap jerseys to find solar prices across Brisbane you’ll find we are competitive without being ridiculous. Like I said, we keep our prices fair for both our customers and us – which gives people peace of mind that their installer WILL BE AROUND IN 5 – 10 – 20 YEARS!!!

Solar power locations – where can you get these solar prices?

If you’re in Brisbane and your wondering whether you can get these prices for your solar system, the ?? quick answer is YES! 

  • Solar systems Rocklea
  • Solar в systems Hamilton
  • Solar systems Ascot
  • Solar systems Graceville
  • Solar Systems Indooroopilly
  • Solar Systems Bundall
  • Solar Systems Grange

We can install your solar power system at an excellent price, but more importantly… Excellent value for money!

Solar Systems Across Brisbane – Price Variation

Our prices include ALMOST everything. The only 2 things you have to watch out for (so you don’t get bitten!) are:

  1. If your meter board is ancient and NEEDS to be replaced under electrical safety rules, this will cost you an additional $350
  2. ENERGEX will charge you $300 (single phase) for meter installation or $550 if it’s a 3 phase connection

Other than this, you’re covered! Happy times, you’ve HaCk3D found the best installer to handle your Brisbane solar installation. Don’t forget to check out solar feed in tariffs information before you buy!

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