Solar QLD Solar Panels

Our QLD solar panels are all good quality products. We don’t want to risk our reputation on dodgy gear so we always make sure the solar panels we use comply with all Australian Standards and will perform exactly as expected to deliver great results for our customers. After all, the last thing you want is problems with your solar panels. You’d much rather sit back with a stubby and let the panels do their work on a hot summer’s day. That’s what we keep in mind: Making sure the panels do the work, so you don’t have to. All panels (and more! Ask us!) available in Brisbane solar systems purchased through us. Gold Coast, Northern NSW and other regional areas also serviced!

Solar QLD Panels

Jinko solar panelsjinko solar panels logo – these are some of the best panels around. Graded as tier 1 solar panels, Jinko panels are one of the top performers on the market and come at a very good price! These panels give you value for money while delivering consistently high power yield.

Jinko solar panels datasheet


QLD solar panels TRINA logoTrina solar panels – remember how UQ installed a massive solar system in St Lucia, Brisbane? Well guess which panels those geniuses used? That’s right, Trina. And you can bet if anyone does their research on panels, it’d be the top university in our sunny state! Trina are of course a tier 1 panel and are a very good performer.

Trina Honey 250W Datasheet


TopSola solar panelsQLD solar panels TopSola logo – TopSola are an excellent panel with great characteristics to suit Aussie conditions. You can be sure these beauties will do the job with warranties fully underwritten by Chubb Group.

TopSola Datasheet


APS QLD solar panelsAPS solar panels – If you want great panels with a great warranty and a great price then APS are a great choice! Their performance warranties absolutely obliterate most of the competition with a 30 year warranty instead of the standard 25 years!

APS Solar Panels Datasheet

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