About Solar QLD

Solar QLD is solar made for QLD. We know that as Queenslanders, you want a great deal. This includes both getting a good price and getting a great product. Solar Brisbane, Gold Coast solar or anywhere in Queensland. Our packages are designed to give you the best of both worlds. You can have awesome, tier 1 solar panels, an A-grade inverter and an excellent price. Not only that, but we guarantee you’ll love the installation job that’s done from start to finish. Our solar installers are some of the most experienced in the industry and have completed thousands of solar panel installations. You can be sure that you’ll get a great deal when you sign up to one of our packages.

Our Prices

We get the best deals for you by sourcing products at a great price. We NEVER compromise on product quality, but we always make certain we are getting the best deal possible to deliver to you. Compare our prices to most installers and I think you’ll find we have the best, sustainable pricing available in the industry.

Our Warranties

Our solar warranties mean you have absolute peace of mind. You can rest easy with up to 25 years solar panel warranty, up to 10 years inverter warranty (as standard) and 10 years installation warranty.

Our Experience

When you buy with us, you know you’re getting the benefit of decades of combined experience. Our excellent knowledge of the solar industry in QLD, combined with our experienced installation crews, means you get the benefit of our knowledge and experience, all wrapped into our prices.

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