TopSola Solar Panels

TopSola solar panels are a reputable Chinese solar panel manufacturer. Also known as Shanghai Topsolar Green Energy Co., Ltd, TopSola have been in the industry since 2007 as it’s own solar company. It’s parent company HongRun Group was founded in 1994! Solar Brisbane customers often choose TopSola panels as a cheaper option for a quality system.

30kw topsola solar panels
This is a 30kW project done in South Australia with TopSola panels.

Are TopSola Panels Good?

TopSola Panels have a good reputation around the world as a quality component. They have been used in many large scale solar projects including in Australia. They aren’t your top-of-the-line hyper-performance panel but they are extremely good value and a great performer.

Can I Get TopSola Panels Through Solar QLD?

We currently have very competitively priced packages for TopSola panels. These panels have a very high cell efficiency of over 17.8% and their warranties are underwritten by Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.

TopSola solar panels also have 6 bypass diodes to maximise performance and output if any portion of the solar panel is shaded. This means the panel effectively operates in 6 independent sections.

topsola solar panels
This is a 90kW TopSola system installed in NSW in 2014.

What About Solar Panel Warranties?

TopSola have industry-leading warranties with an impressive 12 years on material & workmanship (normally 10 with many other brands) and a 25 year performance guarantee. And don’t forget, these warranties are fully underwritten by Chubb Group!

Some Other Features of TopSola Panels:

  • Industry leading conversion efficiency
  • High salt mist resistance for coastal areas
  • Excellent temperature co-efficient for better output in high temperature locations like Australia
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Excellent performance under weak light conditions
  • Fire rated in accordance with the latest Australian Standards

Download the TopSola Solar Panel Datasheet (250W)

Here is the TopSola website

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